Consistent Name Address Phone Number


Search Engines have to filter millions of pieces of data to determine which websites to display for every search query.

One of the most important and trust inspiring segments of that data is having a consistent name address phone number across your online listings.

Also known as NAP consistency, this refers to anyplace online where your business information is located.

An example of inconsistent listings would be if your business name showed up in several locations as follows:

  • Acme Corporation, 123 Main St, Anywhere, USA (123) 456-7890
  • Acme Inc, 123 Main Street, Anywhere, United States (888) GET-ACME
  • Acme Widgets, 123 Main St Suite 5A, Anywhere, USA (800) 456-7890

Imagine if you were technically gifted and were trying to set up a system to quickly see if these businesses are the same.

That’s what Google and other Search Engine’s do and when the information does not match up close enough, they either disregard some listings or they may create duplicate listings (ex: Places Pages for Businesses)

This can be a nightmare and many honest local businesses have had to shut their doors due to lost income streams from inconsistent and misinformation online.

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you have consistent name address phone number listings everywhere your business information is found online.

This will create trust and as a bonus, should result in more online searchers finding and contacting you instead of getting lost in cyberspace.