House Cleaning Images


Most images you find online have a file name that looks like an edited swear work like #$!@*&%.jpg.

Search engines have no way of knowing what the image is unless you properly name it.

An example would be a picture of yellow bucket and a mop being named brightyellowbucketandmop.jpg or yellow-cleaning-bucket-with-mop.png

Doesn’t that give you a better visual of what items might be in the picture?

Search engines now have some information to go off of as well.

Renaming the file before uploading it is an often overlooked, but very valuable optimization step especially when using the house cleaning keywords method from Strategy #3.

A few other optimization strategies to consider for house cleaning images are:

  • Title Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Whether or not to watermark
  • File Size – too many or too large can affect site speed