House Cleaning Newsletters


Your house cleaning newsletter strategy works closely with your email list building strategy.

The key point here is to provide Very Valuable information to your list.

The best balance we’ve found for current and potential house cleaning clients is to send them a regular once a week email.

This is just enough to stay on their mind without annoying them by sending something daily.

Included in this newsletter is a short valuable cleaning tip that they’ll hopefully appreciate due to both the brevity and content.

You’re not trying to sell them anything here. In fact, we could separate these lists into Current and Future Client Lists, but have chosen to keep them combined to make sure we don’t try to sell them anything!

The purpose of this list is to educate and establish/reinforce you as the local cleaning authority.

Keep this in mind as you read over your house cleaning newsletter content before sending it out – based on this week’s email, is the content good enough that you would open the next one you receive or would you unsubscribe/delete immediately upon receipt? If the latter, what can you do to improve/enhance the content so that it provides more value?

Once you get to the point that you can answer, “Yes, I would see the value in trading my time for the content, then your current house cleaning newsletter strategy for that week is complete.