House Cleaning Places Pages


Ever notice the grouping of listings at the top or in the middle of a page when you search for a local business?

These are known as Places Pages for Businesses and they direct millions and millions of dollars to some businesses and away from others.

House cleaning places pages are no different.

There is a limited amount of space on each search engines 1st page.

The more competitive the industry, the tougher it is to occupy one of these spots.

Places pages help your business stand out by showing your location on a map on the side.

Here are a few steps that can be taken to help optimize your house cleaning places page:

  • Be sure to claim your Places Page – this is a ranking factor, but more importantly keeps it safe from someone else “stealing” your page
  • Most house cleaning businesses will want to set a service area that they cover instead of choosing the brick and mortar location option
  • Follow the Is Not Does rule when setting categories
  • Use auto-fill categories when possible
  • Don’t Keyword Stuff your title and description areas
  • Fill out all your details 100%
  • Add as many high quality images and videos as allowed
  • Enter an offer – be sure to read terms or the offer may be rejected

These are just a few suggestions.

Be sure to read each of the following before beginning local optimization efforts for your house cleaning places pages on that search engine’s respective site:

Google Places Quality Guidelines

Bing Places Data Guidelines

Yahoo Local Listings Guidelines

Once everything is set up correctly, a solid review strategy, like the one in Strategy #12 can really make your places page STAND OUT.