House Cleaning PPC Management


Pay Per Click (PPC) has been around since 2002.

It is an auction based advertising method that allows you to bid against others for placement positions of your advertisement.

House cleaning PPC refers to running Pay Per Click campaigns for your house cleaning company and is typically confined to your local geography.

Where most PPC campaigns go wrong is when companies or individuals don’t do their research and target the first terms that come to mind.

Often, these terms are general in nature and the searchers typing them in are not in buying mode, but in an information gathering state of mind.

Many other issues cause PPC campaigns to fail including, but not limited to:

  • not identifying negative keywords
  • targeting too broad a geography
  • using poor ad copy
  • having a landing page that does not convert well
  • not budgeting wisely
  • going after overly competitive keywords
  • not testing your results

That being said, a well organized and targeted house cleaning PPC campaign that’s been created from thorough market research, can be a HUGE asset to your marketing strategy.

When you hear local business owners speak poorly of PPC, it’s usually due to violation of one or more of the reasons listed above.

Like all things, do your homework, test it out and see if this strategy is one that will bring you a positive return on your investment. That’s what it’s all about, right?