House Cleaning Reviews Strategy


While Word of Mouth is still the dominant trust factor (as it should be!), online reviews has solidly been entrenched in the second position and is closing the gap.

As more people leave online reviews for products, services and companies, the more searchers can trust the sample size.

Obtaining honest house cleaning reviews is one of the Most Powerful strategies available for local cleaning companies and it’s also one of the most underutilized!

The right strategy and implementation will establish you as the local cleaning authority.

There are two components to an effective house cleaning review strategy:

  1. Quantity of reviews (getting 1 review from your mom doesn’t exactly establish trust in the potential customer’s mind).
  2. Quality of reviews (having a few details in the review is a lot better than someone writing “they do a good job”)

An example of a good review (no one has to write a novel here):

“Magnificent Maids has been cleaning my home for over 2 years now.  I was a little nervous hiring someone I found online, but being new to the area, we had no other choice.  Jan and her team have exceeded our expectations each and every time and I would highly recommend anyone in need of a local house cleaning service to give them a call.”    – Jan Jones

Everyone will have their own writing flavor and that’s ok, because the varying writing styles and even misspelled words help to establish trust.

Depending on the number of house cleaning reviews your company has, the occasional poor review can actually help more than having 30 5 Star Reviews.

Be sure to respond positively if/when you do receive a negative review as how you respond might be the determining factor on whether the review reader decides to contact you or not.

Most importantly, put a strategy into place! Without one, you look like everyone else.

With a well thought out and executed house cleaning strategy, you will soon STAND OUT among your peers and should notice an increase in requests for quotes and as you know – that leads to more profits!!