House Cleaning Social Media Marketing


Way too often, cleaning businesses use social media incorrectly!

Successful house cleaning social media marketing campaigns are built by putting the focus on your customers, not on you.

This is near impossible in a society that is Me Focused.

But you have to think about what people are doing when they are on social media.

They are typically not searching to making a purchase.

An exception is when someone does ask their social contacts, “Does anyone have a good honest house cleaning service you’d recommend?”

In that case, it’s more powerful to have someone else endorse you, but if that’s not an option then jump right in and offer to provide a quote for them.

But, way too often, small businesses use social media as a method to peddle their wares.

People are usually on FB, Twitter, etc to socialize, not to be sold too.

So focus instead on providing value to potential future customers.

This can be done in the form of posting house cleaning tips or latest studies that people would otherwise not see or know about.

This will establish you as the expert on this subject and then when they are in need of a house or office cleaning service one day, who will they think of?

Right, they will think “Who is that company on FB/Twitter/Etc that always provides that great content? They sound like they really know what they’re doing. I’ll give them a shot.”

And you’re in! So make sure your house cleaning social media marketing strategy is focused on providing value – not just pushing services and you’ll experience much better results!