House Cleaning Videos


The thought of speaking on camera is absolutely terrifying to some.  Others find it as natural as brushing their teeth – which hopefully they are practicing often as well.

Whether you enjoy speaking in front of the lens or not, there is no denying the importance of videos as a powerful marketing tool.

When customers search for a house cleaning or office cleaning company in your local geography, they want to get as good a feeling as possible about who they will be inviting into their home or office.

There are 3 main ways we communicate: Body Language (55%), Tonality (37%) and the Actual Words We Use (7%).  Video takes full advantage of these and allows you to convey your message at 100%.

It’s easy to see why so many so many emails and texts get taken the wrong way when your audience is only getting 7% of what you are saying.

Even with knowing how important producing videos to promote your brand can be, the fear can still win out.

And that’s why (although it’s best for trust reasons for you to be the one on screen) we offer the alternative of having your house cleaning videos produced using before and after pictures that you provide.

You know yourself best and we’ll work with you to create the high quality videos that will help build trust and get local searchers calling you for cleaning services.